I know this isn’t the time to joke around, but…

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saw this on reddit earlier today and was like “mind=blown”, seriously this is just awesome lol.


I miss this anime so much, especially how it started out, even though the animation was sometimes so derp. I know there’s still the manga, but life just feels so… weird ever since the anime stopped. 

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Good news for all Isin Nisio’s fans. Anime adaptations for his entire Monogatari series, which consists of twelve published novels and three more upcoming ones, have been green-lit for production. Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari have already been adapted into successful TV animes, while Kizumonogatari

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“After Dark” in Hueco Mundo.

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“Tari Tari” Trailer 1

P.A. Works has just released the first trailer for its next original anime, Tari Tari. Through this first trailer, we may have just caught a small glimpse of what looks tobe a slice of life anime, following the footsteps of P.A. Works’ previous successful slice of life original anime, Hanasaku Iroha. 

The three heroines this time round are three high schoolers, Sakai Wakana (CV: Takagaki Ayahi), Miyamoto Konatsu (CV: Seto Asami) and Okita Sawa (CV: Hayami Saori). 

Tari Tari is scheduled to be aired this Summer season.



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The big book will always dominate the little one. Or at least, that’s what Eru is trying to enforce.

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