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“After Dark” in Hueco Mundo.

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Opening Your Day: Nichijou (OP1)

If only you could enjoy a roll cake on this regular old hump day.

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Opening Your Day: Dragon Ball Z (OP 1)

I always want to sing along but the only part I get down perfectly is when I can yell, “Cha-la-head-cha-la!” all I want. Always a good time—especially during the start of your day.

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Opening Your Day: Lucky Star

This might give you a little too much energy to start the day. Oh well… 

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Opening Your Day: To-Love-Ru

Don’t get in trouble today, if you know what I mean. 

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Vocaloid+K-on+Oreimo, quite the combination lol, plus it’s kawaii :3


Harukaze (TV Size) - Scandal